Hollywood Producer to Provide ‘All the Resources’ Necessary to Ensure Biden 2024 Victory

Producer Jeffrey Katzenberg told the Financial Times that he intends to supply “all the resources” necessary to ensure Joe Biden wins re-election.

Katzenberg’s statement came as a new poll shows Trump ahead of Biden by seven points.

“For us, this is about a 19-month marathon, it’s not a sprint,” Katzenberg said in the interview.

“The excitement and enthusiasm level since he’s announced, certainly from the high-end donors I’ve been in touch with, has been very, very high,” he added.

“The president has shown that he’s 80 years young and brings with him the wisdom and knowledge and experience that he has shown during the past two years,” Katzenberg continued, claiming, “He is fit and engaged and has a high level of energy.”

Reporting from Breitbart:

Katzenberg is one of Hollywood’s biggest Democrat boosters. The former Disney boss — who helped launch the short-lived Quibi — was a major fundraiser for Biden’s 2020 campaign, donating more than $600,000 to the effort.