Hispanic Republicans Hit with Racist Attacks After Daring Not to be Democrats

Rep. Mayra Flores of Texas, the first female Mexican-born member of Congress, says she has been the target of racist slurs because she is a Hispanic Republican and not a Democrat.

She recently listed on Twitter the various derogatory names hurled at her such as “Miss Frijoles” since she won a special House election in June, flipping a southwestern Texas seat held by Democrats for nearly a century.

“So far this summer, the far left has referred to me as far-right Latina, not the Real Deal, Breakfast Taco, unqualified opponent for being born in Mexico, Miss Frijoles,” Ms. Flores wrote. “This is what happens when you stray from their narrative and start to think for yourself!”

She’s not alone.

Hispanic Republicans have faced a barrage of racist attacks as the party has made significant inroads with Hispanic voters in recent years, resulting in more Hispanic GOP candidates and Congress members.

“It wasn’t until I was in Republican politics in Washington D.C. that I felt discriminated against,” said Rep. Mike Garcia, California Republican. “I’ve had people tell me you’re not a real Hispanic if you’re voting with Republicans or if you believe in [conservative] values.” 

Reporting by The Washington Times.