High School in West Virginia Approves Student-Led Bible Study Club

A West Virginia high school is implementing a morning Bible study club available to students.

After a Christian student brought the idea to the principal, Kanawha County Schools said the study will be offered before classes.

“We got an email the second week of November about a student-led Bible study,” assistant high school superintendent George Aulenbacher said. “The student came and talked to the principal about it.”

“Kids come with a number of different ideas. The principal has the final say-so on the club,” Aulenbacher told the outlet. “I think it really varies on the student and the club they want to start and work with a student to have a faculty sponsor.”

Officials said that as long as guest speakers fill out a volunteer form, they can be permitted to speak at the club’s morning meetings.

A guidance issued in May by the U.S. Department of Education states that “a ‘limited open forum’ exists ‘whenever such school grants an offering to or opportunity for one or more non-curriculum related student groups to meet on school premises during noninstructional time,” adding that allowed activities could include “a voluntary and student-initiated prayer service, scripture reading, or other worship exercise.”