High School Football Player on Life Support After Suffering ‘Cardiac Event’ on Field

A high school football player from New York is on life support after collapsing on the field due to a “cardiac event.”

Seventeen-year-old Robert Bush had no known heart problems.

Bush was reportedly undergoing conditioning drills when he suddenly collapsed.

Bush is now in a coma.

The family is preparing to say their goodbyes as Bush was without blood or oxygen to his brain for more than 45 minutes.

According to Steve Bush, Robert’s brother, there is “no more brain function. We are dealing with the end right now.”

Robert Bush initially joined the football team to improve his health.

Reporting from The Gateway Pundit:

Now Steve Bush is distraught over the life his younger brother will likely never get to enjoy even if he survives.

"He wanted to get married. He wanted to have kids like all of us. So, as you can tell, knowing where he was in his life and how far he’s taken it just in the last two years, it’s killing us."