High School Coach Resigns After Biden Admin. Enforces Schools to Allow Transgender Athletes

A high school tennis coach has resigned after the Biden administration introduced new rules that force schools nationwide to allow biological boys to play in girl leagues.

Dave Brown, the coach for the Canby High School girl’s varsity tennis team, reportedly cited Joe Biden’s Title IX policy in his resignation announcement posted to Instagram.

“This week, I resigned from my position as the head girls varsity tennis coach at Canby High School,” Brown said. “It was not an easy decision to make. I love coaching, and have enjoyed every moment of working with these girls. But I can no longer stand by and watch as their dreams are shattered, and their opportunities are taken from them.”

The coach said that he could “no longer stand by silently, while all the work that was put into title 9 is disregarded.”

“I cannot support policies that put the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of women at risk. I stand with my wife. I stand with women. I stand for truth. Will you stand with me?” Brown continued.

In the video, Brown said he believe that allowing transgender athletes to play as girls is “dangerous” and “wrong.”