HHS to Spend Nearly $700,000 Dollars on Transgender Education, Combat ‘Heteronormative’ Thinking

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will have awarded nearly $700,000 to transgender sex education programs by June 2027, according to data.

The grant, worth $698,736 and awarded to the Center for Innovative Public Health Research, began in September 2023.

According to USA Spending, the Center for Innovative Public Health Research seeks to implement an “inclusive teen pregnancy prevention program for transgender boys-youth who are assigned female at birth and identify as transgender.”

Transgender boys are “at risk for negative sexual health outcomes yet are effectively excluded from sexual health programs because gender-diverse youth do not experience the cisgender, heteronormative teen sexual education messaging available to them as salient or applicable,” the description reads.

“Heath inequity must be addressed,” it adds.

The HHS funds will be provided to a program within the organization called “GIRL2GIRL,” which is described as a “text messaging-based sexual health program designed for cisgender sexual minority girls 14-18 years of age.”

The federal account within the HHS funding the endeavor is the National Institute of Nursing Research.