Here’s How Revival Will Happen, According To Someone Who Actually Witnessed It

For all the talk of an impending revival in these troubled times, Larry Tomczak, cultural analyst and Intercessors for America board member, offered his views on what has to be done if people really want to see one. Tomczak has firsthand knowledge of previous revivals.

In his commentary post on WND, Tomczak reports that a new video, which is reported to be going viral on the internet, shows Mario Murillo calling people to Christ during a tent meeting in California.

“I had the distinct honor of witnessing this same kind of phenomenal event two to three times weekly for 60 months during the Pensacola Revival!” he claimed. “As scores came from across the world we shared that it was a repentance-based move of God stemming from three non-negotiables: Humility. Hunger. Holiness.”

He recalled Steve Hill, the tireless preacher who spoke weekly, exclaiming, “It’s time to get the sin out of your life!”

Dr. Michael Brown also headed the school of ministry during the revival, where Tomczak said he had the honor of “teaching practical theology” to thousands of students.

As to how the revival got started, Tomczak explained that it happened by confronting everyone with the fundamental truths of the Bible, particularly those concerning sin and repentance.

He said that they would tell people to ” Repent, totally trust Jesus and His finished work, and obey Him as Lord for an ‘abundant life’ (John 10:10) rooted in happy holiness.”

That’s the starting point. Then they talked about what the book of Acts says about “purity” being the “magnet” for attracting the Holy Spirit.

The outcome? Tomczak said that “it resulted in regular healings, dramatic miracles, angelic intervention and widespread evangelistic impact on entire cities. We regularly took inventory to reset our lives to please rather than grieve Him, which brought more of His manifest presence and power.”

He went on to say that this amazing transformational event can happen again, and that God can definitely accomplish it on a larger scale in today’s age.

“In a time of spiritual dryness, COVID “pestilence” and forces descending upon America like locusts to devour our heritage, God is calling us to clean house and earnestly seek Him for the only thing that can rescue us from destruction as a nation, another Great Awakening!” he proclaimed.

The struggle for holiness

 Because purity and holiness are essential for the release of the Holy Spirit’s power, Tomczak said that this is battled on “two fronts: actions and attitudes.”

Theft, murder, abortion, fraud, sexual immorality, gluttony, and other external expressions of sin are examples of sinful actions.

Sinful attitudes, such as hatred and pride, on the other hand, may be unseen yet are just as lethal.

Hence, Tomczak advises self-evaluation in every choice and action by applying biblical principles and by depending on the Holy Spirit’s guidance. He also offered a checklist to help any believer who wants to live a holy life before God.

He concluded his commentary with a somber challenge:

“If you realize the urgency of the hour and that without another great awakening America is doomed, let’s get serious and ‘get the sin out of our lives!'” he emphasized. “Take inventory and then take your place in what can be one of the greatest interventions of God in history!”