Henry Kissinger Dies at 100

Former U.S. official Henry Kissinger has passed away at 100 years old.

Kissinger was part of the Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford administrations and played a key role in shaping policies during the Cold War.

He was also the only individual to simultaneously hold the positions of White House National Security Advisor and Secretary of State.

Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in settling the Vietnam War.

Some considered him a war criminal for his role in the bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

His death was announced by Kissinger Associates, who said he passed away at his home in Connecticut.

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) honored the statesman on X, writing, “Henry Kissinger saw combat during the Battle of the Bulge and served our county as a top diplomat for years. President Trump said he was a man of ‘immense talent, experience, and knowledge.’ There will never be another like him. God Bless him and his family.”

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R) similarly shared, “It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of my good friend Henry Kissinger.”

What an incredible life – born in Germany and emigrating to the U.S., serving in the U.S. military during WWII, playing a major role on the world stage for decades, and earning respect and admiration from a wide array of people and nations,” he wrote, adding, “Henry was in the arena of world politics for decades and served his nation well. He was a valuable advisor to numerous presidents of both parties and had an amazing intellect. He will be missed. May he Rest in Peace.”