Harvard University President Claudine Gay Resigns: ‘Two Down’

Harvard President Claudine Gay has resigned following allegations of plagiarism and failure to condemn antisemitism.

“It is with a heavy heart but a deep love for Harvard that I write to share that I will be stepping down as president. This is not a decision I came to easily,” she wrote in a letter to the Harvard community.

“Indeed, it has been difficult beyond words because I have looked forward to working with so many of you to advance the commitment to academic excellence that has propelled this great university across centuries,” the letter continued. “But, after consultation with members of the Corporation, it has become clear that it is in the best interests of Harvard for me to resign so that our community can navigate this moment of extraordinary challenge with a focus on the institution rather than any individual.”

Gay added that “it has been distressing to have doubt cast on my commitments to confronting hate and to upholding scholarly rigor—two bedrock values that are fundamental to who I am—and frightening to be subjected to personal attacks and threats fueled by racial animus.”

Her letter did not mention her Congressional testimony or the plagiarism allegations.

The Harvard Crimson first reported Gay’s departure, noting that Gay served the “shortest presidency in the University’s history.”

Gay is the second Ivy League president to resign following the House Education Committee hearing over antisemitism on university campuses.

The University of Pennsylvania announced in a statement in December that then-University President Liz Magill resigned.

“It has been my privilege to serve as President of this remarkable institution,” Magill said. “It has been an honor to work with our faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community members to advance Penn’s vital missions.”

Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) celebrated Gay’s resignation.

“TWO DOWN,” Stefanik wrote on X. “@Harvard knows that this long overdue forced resignation of the antisemitic plagiarist president is just the beginning of what will be the greatest scandal of any college or university in history.”

Harvard donor Bill Ackman responded to Gay’s departure with a call for MIT President Sally Kornbluth to resign.

“Et tu Sally?” he wrote on X, meaning, “And you, Sally?”