Harvard Hires DEI Proponent to Aid in University President Selection

Harvard University has brought in Vivian Hunt to lead the Board of Overseers, the university’s second-highest governing body, according to The Harvard Crimson.

Hunt is a leading advocate of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Hunt has also criticized “meritocracy,” or the selection of individuals based on their ability.

Executive director of Consumers’ Research Will Hild told the outlet, “Vivian Hunt leading the search for the next president of Harvard perfectly encapsulates the rot in higher education and corporate America. If Harvard was serious about rebuilding their floundering reputation, Hunt would be the last person chosen to lead this search.”

The board’s vice chair is Tyler Jacks, a cancer researcher and MIT professor.

“Tyler Jacks and I hope to work closely with Interim President Garber and all of our stakeholders to support excellence, inclusion, and world-class leadership in all that we do,” Hunt said.

A 2020 interview saw Hunt describing the importance of “antiracism.”

“You have to proactively stand for an antiracism environment, an anti-bias environment to positively include people who have been historically excluded,” she said, explaining how one can no longer remain “neutral” to race.

Former Harvard University President Claudine Gay, who resigned from the position following allegations of plagiarism, is to remain with the university teaching a “Reading and Research” course, according to The College Fix.