Green Energy Push Increases Dependence on China

Cybersecurity adviser at My Smart Privacy Rex Lee said the push for green energy contributes to U.S. reliance on China. “We understand today that relying on China for our critical infrastructure regarding our supply chain is not a good thing, especially regarding electronics, and pharmaceuticals, and so forth,” Lee stated. “And now we’re asking to be reliant on China again for renewable energy.” China processes almost 80% of the world’s cobalt, an essential part of electric vehicle batteries.

From The Epoch Times:

A Feb. 27 report by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air found that China issued permits for two new coal-fired power plants per week in 2022—the highest level since 2015. The coal power capacity currently under construction in China is six times as large as that in all of the rest of the world combined.

“We’re the only country that is actually reducing our dependence on coal—along with some European countries—but all of the other countries around the world are heavily dependent on coal, and they’re not going to give up that dependency either,” [Lee] said.