Grandmother arrested after not wearing face mask at school board meeting: ‘You’re not enforcing laws’

Kate Bossi, a grandmother and Sunday school teacher from New Hampshire, was arrested on Thursday after refusing to wear a face mask at a school board meeting.

Just moments after Bossi arrived at the Timberlane Regional School Board meeting to demand that children no longer be required to wear face masks in school, police arrested Bossi for refusing to wear a face mask.

Video of the incident shows police officers forcibly arrest Bossi after she entered an auditorium without wearing a mask.

“You are violating my rights right now. You are remiss,” Bossi said.

Another man shouted, “Come on Sgt. Porter, you know this is wrong what they’re doing to our kids,” according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Jackie Wydola, the daughter of Bossi, also told officers, “Are you seriously doing this you guys. This is law enforcement. You’re not enforcing laws, you’re enforcing policy. That doesn’t matter.”

The meeting was planned to be held in-person, but was ultimately held remotely. “I didn’t want to jeopardize the health of the staff and the students,” school board chairwoman Kimberly Farah told the Union Leader, referring to maskless people.