Graham’s Prayer Request for Pence on the Gab App Sparks ‘Traitor’ Comments

When former Vice President Mike Pence underwent routine surgery this week to install a pacemaker, evangelist Franklin Graham used social media, including the Gab app, to request prayers for recovery. Some internet users took that opportunity to voice their opinions about Pence, specifically regarding his action—or inaction—on January 6, during violent protests at the U.S. Capitol.

Although President Trump and his supporters had encouraged Pence to block the certification of Electoral College votes that day, the VP concluded he didn’t have “unilateral authority” to do so. Chants of “Hang Mike Pence!” could be heard among the crowd on January 6.

On April 15, Graham posted this message on his social media accounts, including the Gab app, which touts its support for “free speech”:

Former Vice President Mike Pence is recovering from his surgery to have a pacemaker implanted yesterday. They said he should be back to full activity in just a few days, but I know that he, Karen, and their family would appreciate your prayers. He told me this evening that he is on the mend and God is good!