Gov. Youngkin Rejects Subsidized Healthcare for Illegals

Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin rejected parts of a state Senate bill his week that would have strengthened a federal program used to subsidize healthcare for illegal immigrants.

Youngkin sent back SB119 with revisions and called for a report into the federal 340B program by November of this year.

A spokesperson for Youngkin said the governor was “deeply concerned” about the 340B program and “how it could be exploited to provide taxpayer subsidized healthcare to illegal immigrants.”

Part of SB119 was an effort by the Virginia state legislature to enhance the federal 340B program, which allows hospitals to get discounted rates for prescription drugs and then reimbursed by the federal government at the normal rate.

Some healthcare providers have been using that savings to provide healthcare to illegals.

“We applaud Governor Glenn Youngkin for protecting Virginians from putting more money in the pockets of illegal aliens by rejecting SB 119, a measure that would have further subsidized illegal alien health care,” conservative nonprofit Building America’s Future (BAF) said.

“Health care providers are exploiting the 340B program by using the funds to foot the bill for health care costs of illegal aliens, which is greatly exacerbated by President Biden’s disastrous border crisis. We thank Governor Youngkin for keeping his word and rejecting the 340B money laundering scheme and we hope Republican leaders in other states follow Governor Youngkin’s lead.”