Gov. Newsom to Ban Arresting Prostitutes for Loitering

California lawmakers have sent a bill to Governor Gavin Newsom that would prohibit law enforcement from being able to arrest prostitutes on loitering charges.

  • Writers of the bill claim that arrests of prostitutes from loitering “disproportionately target transgender, Black and Latino women.”
  • Introduced by Democratic Senator Scott Wiener, the bill would also allow those already charged with these convictions to ask the court to dismiss their case.
  • While the bill passed both legislative chambers last fall, it has taken nearly nine months to finally make it to Newsom’s desk.
  • Among the bill’s supporters are recently recalled District Attorney Chesa Boudin in San Francisco.

“The bill seems to be perfect if you want sex trafficking to even increase in California,” said Greg Burt, spokesman for the California Family Council.

  • During the past nine months, concerns about crime and homelessness in the state of California have increased, about which Newsom said more needed to be done.
  • Critics of the bill claim this move will only do more to hurt the problems the state is facing: “This bill is really going to affect poor neighborhoods – it’s not going to affect neighborhoods where these legislators live,” Burt said.