GOP Donors Support Dhillon Over McDaniel in RNC Leadership

Over 24 major Republican Party donors support Trump campaign adviser Harmeet Dhillon for Republican National Committee (RNC) chairperson. In a letter, the GOP donors implored RNC members to also extend support to Dhillon, calling her a “bold visionary with the energy and experience to retool the party for success in 2024 and beyond.”

From Just the News:

The donors also said in their letter: "The Republican Party currently faces the most organized, radical, and weaponized Democrat Party the nation has ever seen. Despite this clear and present threat to our freedom, the highest levels of the Republican National Committee appear to be more focused on blaming others for their lack of leadership and lining the pockets of cherry-picked consultants than on winning elections."

The donors who signed the letter have reportedly given at least $14 million to the Republican Party since McDaniel took over the RNC in 2017.