Google’s Gmail Won’t Deliver Republican Fundraising Emails: RNC

Delivery rate for fundraising content dropping from 90%-0%.

  • The Republican National Committee (RNC) shared evidence that Google’s email service is not delivering its fundraising emails.
  • RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel shared internal data showing a roughly 90-100% drop in delivery of emails during the time the fundraising requests were sent.
  • McDaniel said that “Big Tech’s bias is out of control,” in her tweet revealing drops in service from Gmail over the past seven months.
  • “Every single month – for 7 months in a row – Google has systematically attacked the RNC’s email fundraising during important donation days at the end of the month. Our emails go from strong inbox delivery (90-100%) down to 0%,” McDaniel said.
  • Some reports indicate that the normal spam-bounce rate for Gmail is around 10%
  • After showing the data about inbox delivery by Gmail, McDaniel went on to say that the emails in question are being sent to their most involved recipients: “These are emails that go to our most engaged, opt-in supporters without any increase in user complaints, changes to the content, email frequency or target audiences that could account for the suppression.
  • “Yet month after month – like clockwork – right ahead of a CRITICAL period when voters are most engaged, Google blocks our emails. They even block GOTV emails,” McDaniel went on to say.
  • “Google has failed to explain why this is happening. It’s unacceptable. We have filed a complaint with the FEC over this practice of censoring Republican emails and it just keeps happening. Big Tech needs to be held accountable.”
  • Members of the House and Senate have introduced legislation to regulate email clients’ treatment for political messages.
  • These bills cite a recent North Carolina State University study that outlined how Gmail flagged more Republican emails as spam than competitors Yahoo and Outlook.