‘Good Thing for Humanity’: Californians Sign Fake Petition to Ban the Bible From Being Sold 

The left and far-left certainly seem to dislike Christianity, if not outright hate it. Ask almost any communist. Odds are they’re Atheists, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, they take every chance they can get to undermine some of the religious aspects of what founded this country. Admittedly, yours truly isn’t the most religious person, but I respect it, I believe, I understand it and I understand the need for it.

So it should come as no surprise that Californians — at least the coastal ones that haven’t left that sorry excuse for a state — would appreciate it if the largest book seller in the world would stop selling the best-selling book of all-time…the Bible.

YouTube personality and commentator Mark Dice conducted another one of his petition experiments recently that showed people willingly signing a fake petition to ban Amazon from selling the Bible.

Think what you want about the first book ever printed, but I don’t see any of these “brave” Californians calling for the same treatment of the Torah or the Quran. The coward factor increases when mentioning those two texts.

However, plenty of people were more than happy to sign the petition to ban the Bible.

“So I’m just signing to not have the Bible be sold on Amazon?” one respondent asked before signing the petition. “Okay, that sounds like a good thing for humanity.”

Something makes you hope certain people don’t reproduce.

Even when Dice used the proliferation of the “New World Order” as a selling point to sign the petition, people still didn’t seem to have a problem signing it.

There were a couple of exceptions to the rule, as a few people couldn’t believe that was the stance Dice was taking, which he obviously wasn’t.

For the full video, watch below:

Reporting from MRCTV.