God Pours Out His Spirit On People And Rain On Wildfires In Montana As Thousands Worship, Sean Feucht Shares

Prominent worship leader Sean Feucht toured Montana as he continues with his revival campaign across the United States.

Feucht shared the miracles of God during the “Let Us Worship” concerts as they visited various cities in the state such as Lewiston, Kalispell, Great Falls and Billings, CBN News reported.

While in Lewiston, he revealed that the rain, which is very much needed in the state due to wildfires, began to pour when they started rehearsing.

“It started to rain the MOMENT we strummed the 1st chord in rehearsal tonight!!!! This was an ANSWER to prayer for the wildfires raging across this state! What happens in the natural let it also happen in the spirit tonight!!” he said on Facebook, alongside a video clip explaining the experience.

In Kalispell, the worship leader said that almost 4,000 people attended the worship concert.

In another post, he disclosed that what happened in the city was more than they imagined, having hundreds of souls surrendered their lives to Christ.

“God exceeded our wildest dream last night in Kalispell!!! HISTORY WAS MADE! I am STILL undone!!

Thousands packed the fairgrounds in the Flathead Valley! Hundreds gave their lives to Jesus! The church unified in unprecedented ways!” he wrote.

When the team went to Great Falls, the singer observed the huge number of millennials who went to the event.

“Tonight in Great Falls birthed a movement that I believe will sweep over high schools in the region!!


They concluded their tour in Montana by visiting the city of Billings, wherein Feucht met a lady who is a member of the Crow Tribe.

“The Crow Tribe is with us tonight!!!! We love the love of God happening with the beautiful Native Americans!!!! Tonight is gonna amazing!!” he shared.

For this weekend, beginning Friday, the group is set to visit two cities in Washington before heading to Portland, Oregon on Sunday.

Alongside other church leaders, Feucht also criticized the passage of the Equality Act in the House last February.

“The Equality Act is absolutely horrifying, and it will do great damage to the church, to faith-based organizations, to Frist Amendment rights and to religious liberties,” he said.

He also warned that the legislation will be “the beginning” of the Biden administration’s attack on the church.

The worship leader uncovered that one of the reasons of his aspiration to join the political arena was due to issues relative to family, the unborn and church, which necessitates people who will “stand for righteousness.”

He shared three ways the Christians can do to show their opposition to the bill.

First, believers have to take a stand by sharing the Gospel, regardless of the people and media’s reactions.

Next, they have to pray that God would move the hearts of the senators to “take a stand for what is right,” in accordance with the Word of God.

Finally, Christians have to “demonstrate revival” by showing the love of God to other people.

“I believe we have a mandate as salt and light, which means we need to invade every sphere of culture,” Feucht pointed out.