Gibraltar: 99% Vax Rate & Highest COVID Infection Rate

Gibraltar has an almost 100% vaccination rate but ranks 5th in the world for highest Covid-19 cases per 100k people.

  • 99% of Gibraltar’s population are “fully vaccinated,” according to Google data.
  • However, Gibraltar also has one of the highest coronavirus infection rates in the world at 21,373 cases per 100,000 people, according to CNN Health.
  • Even with nearly all of Gibraltar’s population fully vaccinated, Gibraltar’s Health Authority (GHA) has urged its staff on Monday to “scale back plans” for Christmas parties amid concern that illness and self-isolation requirements could “destabilize” the provision of healthcare services, Gibraltar Chronicle reports.
  • “As actively demonstrated, we know that everyone working in health care wants to do the best to keep their patients and colleagues safe, therefore, we are asking staff to exercise caution over the Christmas period and scale back plans for Christmas parties,” Dr. Krishna Rawal, acting Medical Director, said in a memo to GHA staff.
Screenshot from Google taken November 29, 2021
Screenshot from CNN taken November 29, 2021