German Publisher Censors Children’s Book That Said Coronavirus Started in China at Behest of Beijing Bullies

Part of “worldwide political correctness campaign” to hide origin of COVID.

Yes, really.

The book, which was originally published a year ago, is called ‘A Corona Rainbow for Anna and Mortiz’ and serves as a guide for elementary schools and daycare centers to follow COVID-safe procedures.

However, Beijing reacted with fury because the book had the nerve to tell the truth – that the virus originated in China.

The Hamburg-based Chinese consulate threatened the publishing company with criminal charges if it didn’t remove the book from circulation and issue a groveling apology.

“Carlsen publishing house complied with the demand,” reports DW, adding that the company has “stopped delivery of the book” and “a new edition with a different wording regarding the origins of the virus is already in the making.”

The company explained that it had been working on assumptions at the time the book was published, but that “today we would no longer use this wording, as its meaning has proven to be far more open to interpretation than we had intended.”

DW expressed shock that China had sought to interfere in a children’s book which ran to just a few thousand copies and why the publishing company was so eager to cave in to a government located 4,600 miles away.

Chinese journalist Shi Ming explained how Beijing was overseeing a global propaganda campaign in an effort to absolve themselves of blame for the pandemic.

“In the beginning, the Chinese propaganda itself said that the disease had first started in China. It even referred to it as ‘Wuhan pneumonia.’ But now, it wants to erase the memory of the virus’ origins with a worldwide political correctness campaign,” he said.