German Christian Democratic Union Drops ‘Christian’ from Name to Attract More Members

German CDU could be dropping the “C” in order to attract a bigger audience by making their branding more mainstream.

  • The German Christian Democratic Union is looking to appeal to a larger audience by dropping the “Christian” from their official branding.
  • Group members made the demand following the 2021 federal election, according to ReMix.
  • Analysis that German conservatives were concerned they were restricting non-Christians from entering according to Mandiner.
  • Were the CDU to follow through with the move it would represent another step away from the group’s conservative roots, according to ReMix.
  • CDU suffered a recent federal election loss and the party’s aging voting base appears to be re-thinking the party’s future.
  • Should they follow through, the initiative would follow the pattern of the Switzerland Christian Democrat People’s Party which has also rebranded.
  • Politicians in the CDU and the sister Bavarian Christian Socialist Union have both traditionally voiced Catholic social teachings.
  • The Slogan of the “Christian human image” is their attempt to address supporters who profess cultural Christian values but may not be particularly Christian in religion or religious at all.