Georgia’s Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Restriction Reinstated

Georgia Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the ban on abortion when a medical provider can detect a baby’s heartbeat.

From PJ Media:

“In a one-page order, the high court put a lower court ruling overturning the ban on hold while it considers an appeal,” reports the Associated Press. “Abortion providers who had resumed performing the procedure past six weeks after the lower court ruling will again have to stop.”

The order said seven of the nine justices had agreed to the decision. It said one was disqualified and another did not participate.

The ruling is a temporary reinstatement of the provision, and attorneys for the state have yet to file the motion to permanently reinstate the fetal heartbeat abortion restriction.

The ruling came just over a week after a Fulton County Superior Court judge enjoined the abortion restriction on the technicality that the General Assembly passed the law in 2019, before the U.S. Supreme Court issued the Dobbs ruling, putting abortion laws in the hands of the individual states.