George Santos Blames Local Republican Party For ‘Political Spin’ Regarding Personal Allegations Against Him

New York Rep. George Santos this week alleged that accusations of dishonesty against him are due in part to the machinations of local Republican officials in some capacity.

The embattled GOP congressman, who stands accused of fabricating huge portions of his biography and resume, addressed several of these claims during an interview with Newsmax this week.

Asked by host Greg Kelly about revelations that he never graduated from Baruch College despite claiming to have done so, Santos said he “would have never gotten the nomination from the Nassau County GOP” if he had appeared to have not graduated.

“To say that I deceived, and [ran] a campaign of deception is just not fair,” he said. “That’s just a political spin that the Nassau County GOP wants to create on this narrative.”

“I’m human; I’ve made mistakes,” Santos said during the interview. “I’ve made peace with those mistakes, and I’ve come clean on those mistakes.