George Floyd Apparently Yells ‘I Ate Too Many Drugs’ In Arrest Audio (video)

Derek Chauvin defense attorney Eric Nelson on Wednesday suggested in court that George Floyd could be heard saying he “ate too many drugs” in audio recorded during his arrest last year.

Nelson made the claim while he was questioning Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Jody Stiger, a use-of-force expert brought in by prosecution, during cross-examination.

“I’d like you to see if you could tell me what Mr. Floyd says in this instance,” Nelson said before playing a clip from body camera footage captured of Chauvin restraining Floyd during the May 2020 arrest that preceded his death.

It is difficult to discern what is said in the clip.

“Did you hear what he said?” Nelson then asked Stiger. 

“No, I couldn’t make it out,” Stiger responded.

“Does it sound like he says, ‘I ate too many drugs,’ ” Nelson asked before again playing the footage. “Listen again.”

Stiger again stated that he could not “make that out.”