France Deactivates Vax Passports of 4 Million Residents in an Attempt to Force Them to Get Booster Shot

Around 4 million vaccinated and boosted French residents woke up to a deactivated vaccine passport and notification that they were required to get an additional booster to continue participating in society.  

  • Millions of French citizens have been pushed into getting their third shot by losing their COVID-19 vaccine passport suddenly and without warning according to France 24.  
  • RFI reports that around four million french citizens were at risk of losing the health pass as of Tuesday if they didn’t get the booster within four months of their last dose, or infection. 
  • The French health officials have determined that those who have caught the virus have different rules, saying that “one infection = one dose” of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • A memo from France’s health staff by the Direction of General Health (DGS) on Monday outlined their plan, calling it a “health crisis management” plan. 
  • France24 report showed how an 18-year-old student was forced to get a booster jab after waking up to an app notifying her that the passport had expired.
  • “There are too many rules coming out,” the student admitted. “First, it was after 6 months that we could get a booster. So I told myself, ‘OK, I have time.’ Then it was shortened to three months. It was a mess.”
  • The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs website indicates details of the policy saying, “A booster dose is required at the latest 4 months following the last dose to extend the mandatory vaccine pass to access activities in France.”
  • French authorities believe between four and 4.5 million people are not up to date on their vaccines, according to RFI news. 
  • Since June 9 of last year the “activity pass” has been mandatory for any event where more than 1,000 people will be present, and for all events involving leisure and cultural facilities with more than 50 people.
  • On August 9, the activity pass became a requirement for cafés, bars, and restaurants, whether indoors or on a patio, in some shopping malls, as well as in hospitals, retirement homes, and medical and social establishments.