France Announces Creation of New Digital Identity App Days After Macron’s Re-Election

France previously backed away from its attempts to put similar apps into service.

  • French Prime Minister Jean Castex and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin signed off on a biometric app that will work as part of the nation’s new identity card system, according to Breitbart News
  • The app will allow French citizens to scan their identity cards which can be scanned by another device for identification and verification by government entities.
  • News of the new app came days after globalist-aligned President Emmanuel Macron was re-elected, following the country shelving a similar project in 2019 that caused major backlash from voters. 
  • Currently, the app “allows the user, in particular, to generate electronic certificates containing only the identity attributes whose transmission he considers necessary to third parties of his choice,” according to the French government.
  • It is as yet unclear how broad the application of the new digital identification process will be. However, French citizens were forced to become familiar with using digital apps during the coronavirus lockdown due to the use of their digital vaccine passport.
  • The French government admitted previously that they used their vaccine passport as a “disguised” form of a vaccine mandate to make it harder for those without vaccinations to function in the outside world. 
  • France’s efforts will likely soon be mirrored by the entirety of the European Union, which is also putting into place a plan to introduce a digital identity application within the next year.