Fox News Travels to Ukraine to Meet With Zelensky

Fox Corporation Chairman Lachlan Murdoch traveled to Ukraine to meet with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Fox News reporter Benjamin Hall and U.K. newspaper The Sun defense Editor Jerome Starkey joined Murdoch.

Zelensky presented Hall with the Order of Merit, III class, for his “outstanding personal contribution to strengthening interstate cooperation, support for Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity,” according to a press release.

“All this time, journalists, cameramen, editors, photographers, drivers have been on the frontline. As this is a hybrid war, information is also a weapon in Russian hands. My sincere condolences to the families and friends of those very brave men and women who lost their lives trying to show what is happening in Ukraine. In particular, it is thanks to journalists from many countries that we now have such support in the world,” Zelensky said during the meeting.

Ukraine’s president noted that Murdoch’s visit was an “important signal of support.”

Zelensky emphasized that the country must maintain the “world’s attention to our efforts in the fight for freedom and our state.”

“For some reason, people treat it like a movie and expect that there will be no long pauses in the events, that the picture before their eyes will always change, that there will be some surprises every day,” Zelensky said. “But for us, for our warriors, this is not a movie. These are our lives. This is daily hard work. And it will not be over as quickly as we would like, but we have no right to give up and we will not.”

The New York Post reported that shortly after Murdoch’s meeting with Zelensky, the Pentagon announced another military aid package for Ukraine.

The $100 million package will include “stinger angi-aircraft missiles, one High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), 155mm and 105mm artillery rounds, Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wire-Guided (TOW) missiles,
javelin and AT-4 anti-armor systems, more than 3 million rounds of small arms ammunition, demolitions munitions for obstacle clearing, cold weather gear, and spare parts, maintenance, and other ancillary equipment,” the Pentagon said.