Four-Star General Blames ‘Russian Trolls’ After Posting Video Game Footage Claiming He Mistook for Real Ukraine Combat

MSNBC “military analyst” and four-star General Barry McCaffrey blamed “Russian trolls” and “US Twitter friends of Putin” for mocking him after he posted video game footage and claimed it was a Russian jet being shot down in Ukraine.

The now-deleted original post can be seen below:

After being lambasted online, McCaffrey took to Twitter, writing, “I retweeted a bogus UKR combat video that actually came from some video game. Promptly deleted error when corrected. Generated a massive Russian troll attack. Also generated abusive reaction from US Twitter friends of Putin.”

The military man claimed he received an “abusive reaction” from the mean keyboard warriors of Twitter.

Independent journalist Eva Bartlett joked, “So, I guess all of you are ‘Russian trolls’ because you took issue with @mccaffreyr3 (the 4 star General of Video Games)’s use of a video game as evidence of Ukraine’s military successes.”

Max Boot also posted the fake footage and deleted it after learning it was from a video game.

He echoed the claim that those who mocked him for pushing fake news are “pro-Trump/pro-Russia trolls” and ironically asked when “all these trolls [will] apologize for all the lies they spread?”

The left is so hungry to push the narrative that Ukraine is winning the war against Russia that they can’t even wait to verify if what they’re sharing is real.

Reporting from InfoWars.