Former Project Veritas Whistleblowers Release Video in Support of James O’Keefe (Watch)

A group of 14 former Project Veritas whistleblowers and insiders have released a video and a letter in support of James O’Keefe.

O’Keefe, the founder and former leader of the organization, was recently removed from the Project Veritas Board.

The video features a collection of courageous Americans who have stepped out of the shadows to express their support for O’Keefe.

The former whistleblowers and insiders have also issued a statement in which they express their disappointment and shock at O’Keefe’s removal.

“As individuals who trusted Project Veritas with our stories, the removal of James O’Keefe by the Board of Directors was extremely disappointing and shocking,” the statement reads. “Without James O’Keefe, there is no Project Veritas.”

The statement goes on to detail the sacrifices made by the whistleblowers in order to provide O’Keefe with evidence of fraud and corruption at companies such as CBS news, Fox news, Google, Facebook, UPS, Pfizer, Hasbro, DHS, CNN, ESPN, HHS, and United Healthcare.

The whistleblowers also express their reluctance to go public but state that they were inspired by O’Keefe’s dedication to journalistic integrity and honesty.

“We made the leap to go public with our stories because we trusted him and the organization,” the statement reads. “That currency of trust can’t be bought with money, and we knew James would never sell us out, and he never did. He always had our back. He stayed true to his word and his undercover journalists went to great lengths to share our stories in the most compelling manner possible.”

The statement also expresses the group’s concern about the circumstances surrounding O’Keefe’s removal and calls for transparency and clarification of the facts.

The whistleblowers fear that O’Keefe’s removal may discourage future whistleblowers from coming forward and expressing their stories.

“O’Keefe’s removal from the organization has dealt a devastating blow to future whistleblowers who now may have doubts about the organization and its leadership,” the statement goes on to say. “We stand united with James O’Keefe and his team of journalists, and we are confident they will continue to fight for the truth and expose corruption.”

The former whistleblowers and insiders have collectively been interviewed thousands of times and have promoted the Project Veritas brand globally in dozens of countries.

They credit their positive experience working with O’Keefe and his journalists for their willingness to promote the organization and for inspiring them to come forward with their stories.

The statement concludes by expressing the group’s solidarity with O’Keefe and his team and their commitment to exposing the truth and fighting against corruption.

“We stand united with James O’Keefe and his team of journalists, and we are confident they will continue to fight for the truth and expose corruption,” the group writes.

The Twitter account of Project Veritas lost more than 200,000 followers after O’Keefe’s removal.

According to a leaked email, Project Veritas is urging its donors to continue supporting the organization. “We hope that you might continue to give us a chance,” the email pleaded with the organization’s donors. “We can’t stress how separate the board’s role is from daily operations here at PV. We are still grinding and pursuing stories of great public importance.”