Former Meta Employee Says Company Over-Hired Employees to Do ‘Fake Work’

Former Meta employee Madelyn Machado claimed on TikTok that the company over-hired employees to keep them from working for competitor organizations, resulting in employees doing “fake work.” Machado reportedly said in the TikTok video, “Getting paid $190K to do nothing at Meta.”

From The Blaze:

Despite being hired as a recruiter, Machado said that new recruiters were told not to hire any new employees for upwards of a year and were instead put to work doing onboarding and training and conducting team meetings.


"They had the most recruiters out of everybody, and they were doing that so they could hire all the talent, and if no other companies had great recruiters because they were all doing nothing, getting paid 200-400-500 thousand dollars at Meta to do nothing, they’re not going to your company. That’s true, it worked, it was a great strategy," the recruiter added.