Former Democratic congressional candidate Barrington Martin II opposes critical race theory

(JustTheNews) Martin wrote that “Democrats are working overtime to keep race ideology alive and well.”

Former Democratic congressional candidate Barrington Martin II said that critical race theory has been useful to Democrats who want black Americans to think that racism abounds in modern day America.

“And yet, at a time when Americans have never been more united about the evils of slavery, Democrats are working overtime to keep race ideology alive and well,” he wrote in a Newsweek opinion piece. “Most recently, this life support for race ideology comes in the form of critical race theory, which aims to shine light on America’s infamous history of racism. But the fact of the matter is, beyond what for some is a noble aim, critical race theory is big business, and it’s provided valuable political capital to Democrats wishing to keep Black Americans believing in the omnipresence of racism.”

Martin previously ran as a Democrat in a special election in Georgia’s 5th Congressional District and in a Democratic primary for the same district, though he didn’t win in either case.