Former Army Secretary Urges U.S. to ‘Prepare For The Worst’ Against China

Former Army Secretary Patrick Murphy is sounding the alarm on China’s increased military aggression that has led to an inevitable breach of U.S. sovereignty, pressing Americans to understand that “we’re the underdog here.” His comments come, Sunday, after the Pentagon released a statement, Saturday, revealing that the U.S. military shot down a third “high-altitude airborne object” over northern Canada.

PATRICK MURPHY: So, when we shot that one down, it was over Canadian airspace. It was an American fighter jet, F-22. But, I think we’re sending the message of what would happen, you know, in Ukraine. Obviously, we had this incredible coalition, as you know, pushing back on the Russian invasion. And I think it’s sending a message, hopefully sending the right message to China that the world will rally around us if they keep messing around it. 

What people need to understand in our great country is that we’re the underdog here. We’re a third of their size. And I’m not just talking about geographical and population.

Listen, America at our best is the reluctant warrior, but we’re a warrior. And we need to make sure, when you have less than 1% of the country that’s serving, and you only have 26% of the country that can even serve, because of the obesity crisis in America and some other things, we need to wake up, understand that we have a competitor out there in China that thinks they’re the preeminent power in the world. We don’t want any unnecessary wars. We have to always prepare for the worst.