Ford Wants Cars to Repossess Itself if Owner Has Late Car Payment

A patent application from Ford describes several measures that would be taken if a vehicle owner failed to make a car payment. One measure was the installation of a “repossession system computer,” which has the capacity to lock out the owner. The system may be “configured to communicate via a network with various entities, such as, for example a computer of the repossession agency, a computer of a police authority, a computer of a medical facility, a computer of a lending institution, and/or a personal communication device of the owner,” according to the patent application.

From The Post Millennial:

If the owner still misses payments and doesn’t reach out to the lender, semi-autonomous vehicles may be instructed to move to locations that are "more convenient for a tow truck to tow the vehicle," and autonomous vehicles would be instructed to drive to the repossession agency, an impound lot, or a junkyard depending on the market value of the vehicle.