For the Sake of Climate Change, John Kerry Is Headed to a Tropical Location

According to the State Department, Climate Czar John Kerry is headed to a tropical location in the dead of winter for the sake of fighting climate change.

“Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry will travel to Nassau, The Bahamas, from February 14-16 and Munich, Germany from February 17-18. In Nassau, Secretary Kerry will continue efforts to advance international cooperation among nations particularly vulnerable to the climate crisis at the 44th Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM),” the State Department released in a statement Monday night. “In Munich, he’ll participate in the Munich Security Conference to engage in discussions on the nexus between the climate crisis and global security.”

Kerry will no doubt be taking a fossil fueled government plane to each location, pushing aside the ability to host climate change talks through Zoom, Skype or Google.

Meanwhile fellow climate zealot Bill Gates, who travels the world on his private jets (he has a collection of multiple planes worth $200 million) advocating for the rest of humanity to consume less and suffer more, is rejecting the idea that he’s a hypocrite for refusing to practice what he preaches.

“I spend billions of dollars on climate innovation,” Gates said during a recent interview, claiming staying home would be counter productive to his work. “I’m comfortable with the idea that not only am I not part of the problem by paying for the offsets, but also through the billions that my Breakthrough Energy group, that I’m part of the solution.”

Reporting from Townhall.