Florida Bill Bans CRT in Schools & Workplaces

The Florida general assembly will see a bill that has now passed through committee about banning Critical Race Theory.

  • The Florida legislature is entertaining a bill that would ban Critical Race Theory from both the public school system and workplaces.
  • According to the Center Square Florida, the bill has left committee and is now before the Florida state legislature.
  • The legislation doesn’t call out CRT by name, rather it attempts to block the problematic ideologies in how they treat individuals differently based on race and other divides.
  • The bill itself extends equal protections to all nationalities and prohibits employment discrimination according to The National Review.
  • The Associated Press was criticized for an article that claimed the bill would “shield whites from ‘discomfort’ of racist past.” 
  • CNN’s Ana Navarro-Cárdenas joined the criticism putting forward a series of seemingly unconnected questions that included the words “white discomfort,” in a tweet that railed against the bill.  
  • According to The National Review that was a decided “misrepresentation” of Florida’s anti-CRT bill.
  • This bill, and its companion in the Senate appear to be a fulfillment of Gov. Ron DeSantis’s promise to ban CRT from public schools if he was elected, as MSN News reported.
  • The DeSantis supported bill will allow parents to sue a school district they suspect of teaching CRT and recover attorney fees if they prevail, according to The New York Post