Fla. Per Capita Number Of COVID Cases Lowest Among U.S. States

Florida has continued to post the lowest number of COVID cases in the nation, while keeping a fully open economy. Health officials in the Sunshine State reported just over 1,300 daily average COVID cases last week, which is a 5 percent decrease in COVID-positivity over the past two-weeks.

Florida now has roughly six cases per 100,000 people, which is the lowest in the continental U.S. The Sunshine State is closely followed by other red states, including Texas, Georgia and Louisiana.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis said he’s focused on COVID treatments to keep the economy open, instead of harmful mandates.

“I mean the thing is you freedom’s important, but just think of all these people whose livelihoods depend on having an open economy,” he stated. “…And in a state like Florida, if we had done the California lockdown…we have a service based economy between our lodging, our parks, our restaurants and so we were able to keep those afloat.”

Meanwhile, Democrat-run states are posting surges of new COVID cases despite strict lockdowns and vaccine mandates in place.