FISA 702 Again Passes House After Tabling Motion to Reconsider

The House of Representatives passed a motion to table the motion to reconsider H.B. 7888, which was previously passed to renew FISA 702.

FISA 702 allows the warrantless spying on Americans.

Last week, 126 Republicans voted in favor of renewing the bill.

The legislation was then brought back on a motion to reconsider.

117 Republicans and 126 Democrats voted to table the motion to reconsider FISA 702.

The final vote was 259-128.

Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), a leading voice calling for the legislation’s reconsideration, wrote on X following the vote, “The swamp won today. The intel bros, uniparty, and deep state won two more years of warrantless surveillance. Ty to all the reps regardless of party affiliation that took a stand for the 4th amendment. This is one of the slimmest majorities we have had in history. I plan to use it.”

Leading up to the vote, Luna sent a letter to all members of Congress, urging them to vote No on the motion to table the bill’s reconsideration.

“I am specifically asking the 56 Members of Congress who voted for final passage of H.R. 7888, the Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act, after supporting and voting for Biggs Amendment #1 to vote NO on the motion to table,” the congresswoman wrote.