Fewer Medical Students Training as Abortionists

Liberal activists are frustrated.

  • Less medical students are being taught to abort unborn children, which is a bad trajectory for the abortion industry but good for mothers and newborns.
  • The alleged issue was recently brought to light by the politically left-leaning news outlet Salon, which spoke with a pro-abortion physician.
  • The physical who thinks that every OB-GYN should be required to learn how to terminate unborn kids as part of their training.
  • Since the goal of the medical field is to save and heal lives, some medical schools don’t currently teach abortion, let alone train doctors to go into the practice.
  • The end of federal protections for abortion rights with the overturn of Roe v. Wade is also thought likely to discourage doctors to pursue the field.
  • The 2018 National Academies Press report stated that “abortion training is not universally available to physicians or APCs [advanced practice clinicians] who intend to provide reproductive health services.”
  • Additionally, “religiously owned nonprofit hospitals,” many of which are affiliated with the Catholic Church, prohibit abortions, according to Salon.
  • Doctors and residents provide healthcare for mothers and other women, but they do not perform abortions because doing so is frequently not considered a kind of medical treatment.
  • Pro-life OB-GYNs dispute the assertion made by pro-abortion campaigners that fewer abortion training programs will result in fewer women having access to healthcare.
  • Dr. Christina Francis, board chair of the American Association of Pro-Life OB-GYNs, asserted earlier this year that pro-life laws do not prevent medical professionals like herself from offering women life-saving care.
  • Laws that forbid or restrict abortions permit the treatment of miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies and make exceptions in cases when the mother’s life is in danger.