FBI Whistleblowers Describe Agency Retaliation Over Jan 6 Information

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) questioned several Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) whistleblowers regarding the FBI’s actions surrounding the January 6 Capitol riot.

Gaetz asked Allen, “Mr. Allen, is it your belief that you were retaliated against because you shared an email that questioned the truthfulness of FBI Director Christopher Wray? And you believed that he wasn’t truthful based on testimony given to the United States Senate?”

“And in that testimony to the Senate, you believe that Christopher Wray indicated that there were no confidential informants and no FBI assets that were present at the Capitol on Jan. 6th, that were part of the violent right?” Gaetz added.

Allen answered yes to each question.

Another whistleblower, Garret O’Boyle, told Gaetz that the FBI “tried to get me to serve out a federal grand jury subpoena when there was no proper predicate to do so.”

Reporting from BizPac Review:

During another part of the hearing, a third whistleblower, Steve Friend, testified that the FBI is “incentivized to work against the American people and is in dire need of drastic reform.”

“Friend, a former FBI agent working out of Florida, had his security clearance suspended in September 2022 for objecting to using a SWAT team to arrest a subject whom the FBI said was at the Capitol illegally on January 6. Friend, in a previous interview … said the force was unnecessary against an individual who had committed a misdemeanor offense,” according to CNN.