FBI Whistleblower Goes Public, Identified as Special Agent Steve Friend

Agency prioritizing political investigations over child sex abuse cases.

  • Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) released information from a new Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) whistleblower on Monday.
  • The New York Post’s Miranda Devine revealed the whistleblower’s name, Special Agent Steve Friend, who is exposing issues regarding right-wing terrorism.
  • According to the newly revealed informant, the FBI is moving agents off child sexual abuse investigations to pursue political investigations.
  • Friend asserted that the FBI has attempted to shape the narrative by reclassifying Jan. 6 cases as individual instances of “domestic terrorism.”
  • Friend has been a member of the FBI for 12 years, is part of their SWAT Team, and is married with two small children, according to Devine, who outlined why the agent with more than a decade at the law enforcement agency would risk his profession in this way.
  • “He just could not live with his conscience after he was dragged off these very important child porn, child exploitation, and human trafficking investigations he was working on, and put on the very bogus January 6 cases he has been working on,” Devine said in her article on Friend.
  • Devine went on saying, “He could see from the ground how the FBI Washington DC Field Office was manipulating these cases to try and expand and pretend the problem was bigger than it was. And he also didn’t want to participate in SWAT raids on people who were being accused of misdemeanors at worst… Steve Friend stood up and said, ‘I will not do this.’”
  • Earlier this year FBI whistleblowers revealed to Congress that FBI leadership was “pressuring” agents to artificially pad domestic terrorism data.
  • The FBI is crafting a narrative, according to the agents, that supports the Biden Regime while portraying Trump supporters as terrorists.