FBI Releases Documents on Probe Into Death of DNC Staffer Seth Rich

The FBI has produced 68 pages relating to a Democratic National Committee (DNC) worker who was shot dead in 2016 in Washington, including an investigative summary that appears to suggest that someone could have paid for his death.

Seth Rich, who had been the DNC’s voter expansion data director, was shot dead in the early morning hours on July 16, 2016, near his home in the nation’s capital.

The slaying, which remains unsolved, fueled widespread media coverage, especially after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange suggested that Rich was the WikiLeaks source for the leaked 2016 presidential campaign DNC emails. Rich’s family has called that notion a conspiracy theory.

The newly released files show that top Department of Justice officials met in 2018 and discussed Rich’s murder. They reviewed Rich’s financial records and didn’t identify any unusual deposits or withdrawals.

Additionally, none of the witnesses interviewed during the investigation reported to authorities anything unusual about Rich’s life prior to the homicide.

One witness saw an individual walking away from the location where Rich was killed but thought Rich was merely drunk so they didn’t alert officials. They realized something bad had happened when they saw a bloodstain on the ground in the same place the following day, as well as police tape surrounding the scene.

A person whose name was redacted took Rich’s personal laptop to his house, according to one of the newly released documents. The page also indicates that authorities didn’t know whether the person deleted or changed anything on the laptop.

The FBI came into possession of Rich’s work laptop, the bureau previously revealed.

On another page, it was said that “given [redacted] it is conceivable that an individual or group would want to pay for his death.”