FBI Contractor Arrested for Child Pornography

A contractor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been arrested for child pornography.

Brett Janes paid a 13-year-old male to engage in strip games over the internet.

The incident occurred while Janes and the minor were playing an online tactical shooter game.

Janes “is using tactics consistent with ‘grooming’ to entice [the minor] to play strip video games,” according to FBI agent Paul Fisher.

Reporting from The Epoch Times:

“I respectfully submit there is probable cause to believe that JANES operated multiple accounts on Discord and Snapchat and directed minors to engage in sexual activity that was viewed through Discord and Snapchat,” Fisher said. “JANES also received child sexual abuse material on his Snapchat and Discord accounts, which was also produced at the direction of JANES. Much of this activity is directly traceable to an IP address that resolves to JANES’s residence and/or to accounts that are associated with JANES’s personal phone number.”