FBI Assisted Private Company in Exploiting Small Businesses—Targeted Owner Writes About Experience

The FBI offered a cyber company a tool to exploit businesses.

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reportedly provided the cyber company Tiversa with a deep web tool that allowed it to take data from private businesses.
  • The “mafia-style shakedowns” took place several years ago, before a whistleblower accused the company of wrongdoing.
  • The company was allowed by the FBI to use the tool to extort the businesses and later faced charges from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  • The company whistleblower, Richard Wallice, was an investigator at Tiversa, and said his employer was using the dark-web data to tell clients, in effect, “hire us or face the music.”
  • Michael Daugherty’s cancer research company was targeted by the cyber group and he later founded The Justice Society and authored of “The Devil Inside the Beltway” in response.
  • Daugherty wrote a book exposing the government’s overreach through surveillance into cybersecurity, medicine, and small businesses.
  • “THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN WATCHING YOUR WORKSTATION LONGER THAN YOU THINK,” Amazon‘s description of the book states. “During the past decade the US Government has teamed with private enterprise and academia to attack American small business by surveilling networks and picking up Americans’ files they considered to be shared and vulnerable. They used that information to expand and grow more than one government agency.”
  • The book’s synopsis goes on, saying, “the small business owner who created LabMD, a cancer detection center in Atlanta, Georgia, became a victim of these governmental practices. What began with the unauthorized but government-funded procurement of medical data for 9000+ patients from his medical laboratory turned into a government supported, financially draining, extortion attempt.”
  • The book reportedly takes a look at the five-year journey of government overreach and intimidation tactics: “Daugherty backs his riveting true story with engaging detail, including Congressional testimony, press releases, e-mails, letters and FOIA documents. But for the fact that everything in the book really happened, it reads like a brilliant political thriller. The cronies, lawyers, politicians and bullies…they are all right here in this stinging indictment.”
  • The FBI’s reputation has taken a hit in recent months, including hundreds of employees quitting before being disciplined pending an investigation into sexual misconduct.
  • The FBI was also sued for failing to provide communication with big tech companies regarding the Hunter Biden laptop censorship.
  • A whistleblower insider the FBI has also recently asserted that Bureau SWAT teams are being misused and Jan. 6 defendants’ rights are being trampled.