FBI Agents Search Illinois-Based ‘COVID Control’ Headquarters

FBI searches the center while investigating the multimillion-dollar COVID-19 testing business.

  • Multiple outlets reported that the FBI was found to be searching the Center for COVID Control in Illinois, thought to be part of their investigation into the multimillion-dollar testing business.
  • According to The Epoch Times, there have been complaints leveled against the center, possibly adding to the FBI’s reasons for the Saturday search. 
  • FBI Chicago spokespersons told WGN-9 and USA Today, that it was a court-authorized activity.
  • Health and Human Services (HHS) Inspector General, Yvonne Gamble said that the HHS agents and FBI searched the Meadows, Illinois, facility.
  • Dr. Lee Fleisher, chief medical officer and director of the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality and Quality for CMS told CNN they take allegations of misconduct very seriously.
  • “The FBI was conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity in Rolling Meadows [Saturday],” FBI Chicago spokespersons told multiple outlets.
  • Annie Thompson, a spokesperson for the Illinois Attorney General’s Office told USA Today that the office is “working with the FBI and other law enforcement partners and will not comment on ongoing investigations as we work to hold accountable individuals who engage in unlawful conduct.”
  • Fleisher told the media in a statement, “We take seriously any allegations of fraud or misbehavior by COVID-19 testing sites. CMS’s Center for Clinical Standards and Quality investigates these kinds of complaints and is aware of several alleged instances of misconduct by this company’s labs.”
  • According to Fleisher, the Center for COVID Control “identified non-compliance” and they have been waiting on laboratories to address the issues, however, they did not elaborate further.
  • In January, the group’s CEO announced they would be suspending operation from Jan. 14 and Jan. 22 due to “unusually high patient demand” that has caused staffing shortfalls.
  • The company later wrote that “it is extending its pause on operations and will not be reopening on Saturday, January 22, 2022” and “remains committed to providing the highest level of customer service and diagnostic quality and will not resume collection of patient samples until staffing resources permit CCC to operate at full capacity.”