Fauci Slams People Who ‘Make Their Own Choice’ With ‘Free Will,’ Calls For Biden To ‘Clearly Supersede Individual Choices’

Highly unpopular Biden regime medical advisor Anthony Fauci came out in opposition to citizens making “their own choice” with “free will” regarding vaccines and multiple booster shots this week, and called for the government to enforce laws that would “clearly supersede individual choices” as they relate to bodily autonomy.

“There’s so much opposition now in Congress, and across the states, even Democratic states, Governor Whitmer in Michigan and other places,” MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell told Fauci.

“This is becoming a political [unintelligible], and the outlook is not at all a sure thing in the court system. is there any thought of backing off of that and trying to avoid, you know, all the outcry against it.”

“Yeah but, you know Andrea, we really have to get people vaccinated, I mean I understand and we all understand how people do not want to be told what to do, they want to make their own choice and their own free will,” Fauci said.

The controversial cable TV guest continued, “I get that, and I respect that, but these are unusual times and you can’t think only of yourself and your own personal opinion.”

“But you gotta think about your communal responsibility to get yourself and your family and indirectly then, the community protected.”

“So I would prefer, and we all would prefer that people would be voluntarily getting vaccinated, but if they’re not gonna do that, sometimes you’ve got to do things that are unpopular, but that clearly supersede individual choices and are directed predominantly at the communal good,” Fauci stated.

Fauci’s statement came shortly before the United Kingdom introduced a vaccine passport, and amid continued politicization around the issue.

Many pundits blamed a combination of unpopular COVID-19 policies and radical education reform for the Republican landslide of victories in Virginia last month.