Fauci Gives Up $1.8 Million Funding for ‘Cruel’ Puppy Experiments after Republican Backlash

The lawmaker called the practices “inhumane.”

  • Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) pushed White House Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci to cancel almost $2 million in funding for “cruel” experiments on puppies.
  • The White House adviser received the funding through his official capacity as the director of the National Institute of Health (NIH).
  • “Dr. Fauci was barking up the wrong tree when he decided to use government dollars on dog testing,” Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa noted in a statement about the funding for experiments.
  • “These inhumane practices have no place in our government – much less on the taxpayer’s dime. Thankfully, after voicing our concerns and shining a light on these heinous tactics, taxpayers can rest easy knowing their hard-earned money is not going towards dog abuse,” she said.
  • Details on the funding were revealed by the White Coat Waste Project, which uncovered the funding’s projected use last fall.
  • Public Policy and Communications Manager at the White Coat Waste Project, Devin Murphy, commented on the cancelation of the funding, saying, “We’re thrilled that following a White Coat Waste Project exposé and advocacy by Waste Warrior Sen. Joni Ernst, Dr. Fauci’s ‘runny nose’ experiments on beagle puppies have been completely canceled.”
  • “This is a decisive victory in the War on Waste, and sends a message to big-spending white coats across the federal government: taxpayers should not be forced to pay for wasteful, unnecessary, and cruel animal experiments,” Murphy added.
  • “After WCW’s #BeagleGate investigation first exposed NIAID’s barbaric beagle experiments, Members of Congress in both parties, and Americans across the political spectrum, were outraged — and rightfully so.”
  • “Taxpayers and animal lovers in Iowa and across the nation are grateful for Sen. Ernst’s outstanding commitment to government transparency and the responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars.”
  • Fauci, who played a large role in the COVID-19 protocols put in place by the White House, recently contracted the coronavirus despite being “fully” vaccinated and boosted.
  • And even though the doctor took the popular anti-viral drug Paxlovid, he also experienced “COVID-rebound,” a type of relapse of symptoms after the infections should have cleared.