Fans Are Tuning Out on Woke Sports

Viewership is down across the board — but still boardrooms aren’t listening.

Last Friday, after President Biden, left-wing activists, and the national media spent weeks peddling lies about Georgia’s new voting law disproportionately impacting people of color, Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Rob Manfred caved to the radical mob and decided to move this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

In the name of equality, Manfred’s decision will cost Atlanta, a city with a 50 percent black population, an estimated $100 million in economic losses. The game will now be held in Denver, Colorado, a city that is only 10 percent black. As nonsensical as Manfred’s decision was, no one should be surprised by it.

Over the past few years, it has been fairly obvious to any impartial observer that the higher echelons at MLB, along with those in charge at the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), have made a conscious decision to alienate a large percentage of their fanbase by conceding more control of their sports to the demands of social justice warriors and the tyrannical Left.

“Silence in the face of injustice is unacceptable,” Sam Kennedy, the Red Sox President and CEO said last year in the wake of the George Floyd protests. In addition to now displaying “Black Lives Matter” on the bleacher seats and on the Green Monster at Fenway Park, Kennedy and the Red Sox have created a “Social Justice, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Committee” that seeks to conduct a “bias audit” of its HR policies, “enhanc[e] ballpark messaging related to racial and social justice causes,” and partner “with an organization with expertise in racial equity and restorative justice.” Many teams have taken similar actions.