Family Thrown Off Spirit Airlines Flight Because 2-Year-Old Was Eating Without Mask

  • How is a baby supposed to eat food with a mask on? The answer doesn’t concern Spirit Airlines

Disturbing footage from a Spirit Airlines flight shows a family getting kicked off the plane because their two-year-old was eating — without a mask.

The video captured by a nearby passenger shows a flight attendant ordering the family off the flight, prompting the confused parents to ask how an infant child is supposed to eat with a mask over her face.

“What did we do?” the masked father asks.

“Non-compliance with the masks,” the flight attendant responds curtly.

“We’re wearing masks,” the mother says.

“She’s not wearing one,” the flight attendant says, pointing to the child eating her food.

“The baby?” the mother asks.

Other passengers tried to help, explaining that the family has been wearing their masks the whole time aboard the plane.

“It’s not my choice, not my choice,” the attendant says. “The pilot wants you off.”

“She’s a baby,” the mother says. “She’s just turned two a month ago.”

The entire flight was subsequently deplaned.

As we’ve reported, airlines have been some of the most ardent virtue-signalers of the mask, with dozens of videos coming out over the last year showing many more such incidents.