Faith and Law Town Hall: Churches’ Role in Changing The Future of America

Written by Brad Dacus, Esq., President and Founder of Pacific Justice Institute

The trajectory of our nation can change in a positive direction if American churches and their members take what they believe, and voice their beliefs on their ballots. The unfortunate truth is that Christians believe that their faith should be kept private. And because of this, the supporters of liberal and leftist agendas have flooded, and now dominate nearly every aspect of our country, including schools, workplaces, and media.

Student Christian clubs face derecognition simply for their faith values and policies. Parents are often left in the dark concerning what their kids are being exposed to, and Christian educators are forced to call students with gender dysphoria by their preferred pronouns or risk termination. The list of the attack on freedom is endless. What’s even worse is the fact that we, as Christians, have the opportunity to be a light in the public sphere but fail to act. According to My Faith Votes, approximately 25 million registered Christians, do not vote in presidential elections, and about 65 million Christians do not vote in local elections.

The time is now for churches and their members to help guide our country back to its roots of faith and freedom. The nonprofit Christian legal defense organization, Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), not only provides free legal aid and representation for religious freedom but is also uniquely involved in taking preventative measures at the legislative and community level to preserve our God-given freedoms. We are partnering with churches coast to coast to ensure that churches’ voices are heard at the local, state, and federal levels. Such a movement is unprecedented.

It is critical for Christians not to sit back and watch their country fall into darkness. At PJI, we are here to encourage our brothers and sisters to be enlightened, encouraged, and empowered to be a voice of biblical truth in their communities by engaging in civic stewardship. That is why PJI is hosting its first ever “Faith and Law” Town Hall Livestream event on Sunday, November 5, 2023, at 5:30 pm PT. Pacific Justice Institute invites anyone interested to tune-in online via our YouTube and Facebook platforms.

In a time when our shared values are tested, it is imperative that we, as Christians, stand united. Let us seize this opportunity to empower ourselves, our communities, and our nation. Together, we can continue to stand up for faith and freedom in America.